Date: August 14, 2017 by Marketing Team

TTI STB supports IPTV-over-DVB solution model

Since the network architecture is more complete nowadays, some cable operators try to be IPTV service provider without impact exist headend too much. To help the cable operator to achieve this goal, Tatung Technology Inc. (TTI) provide a solution for cable operators who want to move to IPTV service provider.

In this case, the cable operator has the headend to capture the DVB-C MPTS, therefore, one stream contains multiple channels and channel information such as NIT…etc. Then the operator will broadcast the MPTS via Multicast to IP STB. TTI provide the pure IP STB HW/SW solution to playback the protected MPTS contents which generated by DVB-C headend via multicast network.

With the solution, the cable operator saves a lot of cost by avoiding replace most of the headend to support IPTV. Instead, they keep current infrastructure and move to IPTV smoothly. This can be a very good model for cable operators who want to support IPTV.

If you are interested, you may contact TTI to request more detail information and documents. You will be able to engage a Live Demo to see how TTI STBs support DVB-IPTV (DVB-IPI).

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