Andromeda End-to-End IPTV Platform

Andromeda provides a solution for operators by streamlining the process of system management and allowing for seamless integration with current systems, thereby efficiently delivering top-quality content to consumers. From content acquisition to content consumption, Andromeda guides operators each step of the way. To ensure content protection, it utilizes PlayReady DRM, which is recognized by Hollywood studios. It also provides a complete backstage system that is involved in a wide range of functions such as product, store, reporting, and system management. Andromeda can be easily integrated with operators' current systems, such as the billing and subscriber systems. Scalable architecture allows operators to manage either a small or a large quantity of servers on the network and deploy content to consumers on their STBs and personal devices in an effective and efficient manner on the platform.

Recent News

With the arrival of spring, Tatung Technology Inc. is proud to debut our complete new line of products at ANGA 2019! We have been working diligently to develop next generation solutions to bring innovation to the market.

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